The “Tocchetto” came consumed from the shepherds, during the transumanza from mounts dauni to the plain of tavoliere. Its crushed shape drift from the fact that came place under the saddleback or the saddlebags of the just animal one from load. Today for the “Tocchetto” it has been made resorted to a handicraft system, arranging it between two held aces of wood massello pressed for means of one coiled and tied rope to you. The goodness of the “produced Tocchetto” from the more valuable part of the suino: the thread, cut to more or less regular pieces to shape than small rotondeggianti rectangles, of lean aspect a single side introduces a thin layer of fat person who confers to the “Tocchetto” morbidezza and sapore. Before being insaccato it comes salato and aromatized with spezie and typical aromas of the place. After some days it comes insaccato in budello natural, compressed between the aces of wood and at last arranged in wine cellars aired for the stagionatura.
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